Waste Anesthesia Gas On-Site Exposure Monitoring Services


Our On-Site survey will be performed by Kem Medical Products and is backed by 30 plus years of expertise in the field of chemical exposure testing and safety evaluations in the healthcare industry.  All of our products and services are designed to meet and exceed all JCAHO, NIOSH and OSHA requirements.



Our On-site survey will include:


  • Measure personal exposure levels of employees in Surgery and PACU to N2O for the OSHA 8-hour TWA limit of 25 ppm using VAPOR-TRAK® Nitrous Oxide specific monitoring badges, #8530. 
  • Measure personal exposure levels of employees in Surgery and PACU to Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane, Vaporizer Agents for the OSHA 1-hour TWA Ceiling limit of 2 ppm using WAG specific monitoring badges, #8640.
  • Analysis of the VAPOR-TRAK® monitoring badges will promptly be performed at our ISO 9001 Certified Analytical laboratory and a written Laboratory Analysis Report will follow via email for your records.
  • Real-time monitoring and leak testing of Anesthesia Machines, Vaporizers, and components with an approved portable infrared gas analyzer and or leak tester.
  • A ventilation air flow study to determine both supply and exhaust air changes per hour as required by equipment manufacturers, state and federal guidelines are met.
  • Determine overall room pressure differentials at doorways, to ensure required pressure is present to adjoining rooms.
  • Provide mechanical drawings and color photographs of the surveyed areas.
  • Identify potential problems and make practical recommendations for the health and safety of employees.












OSHA recommends such safety surveys be performed periodically based upon equipment, procedural, personnel or seasonal changes.  Therefore, we suggest that this testing be performed at least on a semiannual basis.

There is increasing emphasis from OSHA, JCAHO, ASHRAE, AAMI and other regulatory agencies regarding workplace exposure to toxic chemicals.  Kem Medical Products has been proudly servicing the healthcare industry since 1980 and would like to be your healthcare facility's partner, helping you to provide a safe work environment.





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