Kem-Safe™ Glutaraldehyde/OPA Neutralizing Spill Kit
Glutaraldehyde/OPA Neutralizing Spill Kit

The glycine based spill kit eliminates the need to dispose of spilled Glutaraldehyde/OPA as a hazardous waste.

California Senate Bill 2035

Each kit includes:

  • Kem-Safe™ Neutralizing powder for two (2) gallons of solution.
  • Flip top has perforations for easier dispersal of powder over spill.
  • Chemsorb large spill response pillows four (4) absorbs 1/2 gal each.
  • One (1) pair of Nitrile glove, Label, and Disposal bag.
  • Directions with MSDS Documents.

#9050 - Kem-Safe™ Glutaraldehyde/OPA Neutralizing Toxic Spill Control Kit $85.00/kit


#9050R - Replacement Flip-top jar of Neutralizing Powder only $30.00/ea

Instructions for Use


MSDS for Pillows

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