Mold On-Site Exposure Monitoring Services


Our On-Site survey will be performed by Kem Medical Products and is backed by 30 plus years of expertise in the field of chemical exposure testing and safety evaluations in the healthcare industry.  All of our products and services are designed to meet and exceed all JCAHO, NIOSH and OSHA requirements.



Our On-site survey will include:


  • Measure non-viable ambient air spore count to the genus level on a spore trap such as an Air-O-Cel
  • Measure viable ambient air spore counts and CFU to the genus level on petri dish and air impactor such as Anderson.
  • Have samples analyzed by independent AIHA EMPAT Microbiology Laboratory.
  • Record indoor samples and compare to outside levels and recommended guidelines.
  • Measure ambient room temperature, RH% and respirable particles.
  • Measure moisture content of interior walls and other surfaces using moisture meter such as Delmhurst.
  • Measure and record air flow paterns in work areas.
  • Determine overall room pressure to adjoining rooms.
  • Offer additional measurement parameters if needed such as viable and non-viable air, surface or bulk.
  • Provide mechanical drawings with target equipment and air flows.
  • Provide color photograph of monitoring area.
  • Present recommendations for safety and compliance.
  • Include all samples and findings in a bound report.












OSHA recommends such safety surveys be performed periodically based upon equipment, procedural, personnel or seasonal changes.  Therefore, we suggest that this testing be performed at least on a semiannual basis.

There is increasing emphasis from OSHA, JCAHO, ASHRAE, AAMI and other regulatory agencies regarding workplace exposure to toxic chemicals.  Kem Medical Products has been proudly servicing the healthcare industry since 1980 and would like to be your healthcare facility's partner, helping you to provide a safe work environment.





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