KemSure® Lead-Free Indicators for Steam Sterilization



KemSure® Lead-Free Indicators for Steam Sterilization provide immediate confirmation of the sterilization process through a visible color change. The indicators are available as labels, cards, or strips to be printed onto adhesive-coated paper, cardstock, or tape for use in steam sterilizers in the healthcare industry.

The visible color change occurs when the required levels of time, temperature, and saturated steam have been achieved. The initial light color (white/off-white) of the indicator changes into a dark color (brown/black).


KemSure® Lead-free Indicators for Steam Sterilization meet all ISO 11140-1:2014 performance criteria for Type 1 steam sterilization indicators. This product is approved for marketing by the FDA under 510K #K181788.


This product is available for customization, private labeling, or bulk orders only. Please contact us at 1-800-553-0330 for more information.






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